Parish Council

The Pastoral Council exists as a consultative body for the pastor. That is, the pastor consults the council. It is the responsibility of the Pastoral Council to investigate pastoral matters and to propose practical recommendations. After the pastor has reviewed the recommendations of the Council, he makes a decision to accept or reject those recommendations and then he directs their implementation. Adhering to La Crosse Diocesan guidelines, every Parish Council should have the following committees: Catholic Education, Family Life, Sacred Worship and Social Justice. 

The Parish Council assists in directing parish life through listening and responding to the Spirit of God, organizing lay participation and cooperation, sharing practical wisdom, and facilitating parish planning. A consensus model is used to make decisions or recommendations. The Parish Council meets monthly. Each member of the Council must be a baptized practicing Catholic, eighteen years of age or older and a registered member of the parish. Members are chosen through a selection process held in the spring of each year.

Our Lady of Peace is a parish that believes in Jesus, a parish that loves God and people.

My Spirit Rejoices in God My Savior

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